So out of sheer boredom and frustration with our 9 to 5’s, selling boring corporate stuff to boring corporate people my wife and I decided to start a website/blog/online magazine type thing about the thing we love doing more than anything else.

Camping is a marmite thing; you either love it or hate it.   Are we sane to love it?  We spend hours searching the net for a field with a toilet, so we can spend several hours banging our heads inside an under stair cupboard searching for small but expensive duplicates of stuff we’ve already got or to find the one thing we couldn’t possibly do without, that was last seen sometime before the millennium bug almost ended civilisation.

After  this we have to spend another hour or so wrestling all this gear into a car, possibly followed by a similar feat of spatial engineering with one or more children, all so we can enjoy listening to “ Are we there yet?”,   harmonised beautifully by our offspring.   I make that 10 hours exactly, and we’ve only just arrived at said field. Oh and just realised we’ve forgot that one thing we couldn’t do without.

Now we get to spend the next hour, or two (if we’re lucky), fighting with our nearest and dearest because all one of us wants to do is sit on the grass and have a beer in peace, and all the significant other wants to do is ‘nest’, and all our kids want to do is stop us doing either.

At some point, we’ll get to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors, in the dark and if life’s really carping on us, rain too.

The point is you gotta love it, or you wouldn’t do it.  Like most good things in life, there’s a level of sacrifice that you must endure, because it makes the good bits that much sweeter, and because you know it’s worth it.

If any of the above sounded familiar, read on…we hope to entertain you and share some cool/fun/interesting/etc stuff. We’ll let you know when we’ve figured out the etc.