26/05 Old Harry Rocks

In the morning Mum and Dad woke me up earlier than usual.  I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.  I realised that my parents had already packed the sandwiches, snacks and even out swimming costumes and towels. We were going for a hike to Old Harry Rocks, Studland and then to the beach.  I had marmite toast for breakfast, then we had to put sun cream on, so we didn’t get burnt (even though we still did get a bit burnt).

We jumped in the car; it was going to be the longest car journey since lockdown began over 2 months ago – about 30 min.  We listened to Newton Faulkner on the way.  We parked at the National Trust carpark next to the Bankes Arms.  Because we got up early, we managed to get a good place to park and there were only 7 cars there, really not busy.

We all grabbed our bags to carry and made our way to the toilet, luckily it was open.  I thought the toilets were going to be gross, but it was actually not bad – but it didn’t have the best smell.  We set off….

Ewan was counting the holes bugs had made to distract himself from walking, and I started counting butterflies.  It was really hot, so we had to try walk in the shade which was not easy in the first bit but then got easier.  About 20 min passed and we found a small pathway off the main track and we followed it.  WE found an awesome viewpoint and comfortable cool bench.  The view was awesome, and I looked the cliff you could see right through the water.  We had a sit down and snack.  I tried to go for a wild poo – but that didn’t work.

We walked and walked and walked towards some hills, this is how I felt about the news of hills Noooooooooooooooooo!!! Up we went, up and up and up and there were some amazing views.  Then we got to a really steep hill, and I had a meltdown.  I was really far behind and didn’t want to go any further, but nevertheless I carried on.  I knew when we got to the top, I could have some lunch, so I carried on.  When I got to the top, I got my towel out of the bag, lay it on the grass and Mum gave me my lunch – a marmite and cheese wrap – yum.

When we had finished, we had to decide which way we were going, and guess what….it was up!  We passed a herd of cows.  When we finally got to the top of that hill we saw a nice sandy beach but we decided not to go to that one as it was too far away from the car.  Ewan and I decided to be angry and grumpy, so we grumped up the hill together, it was funny fun.  Guess what – more hills!!! At the top of the top we could see the horizon all round.  It was like bing on top of the world.  

From here it was down, down, down – all the way.  I spoke to my friend on the phone and my Grandma.  Grandma said she had sent us another book. 

When we finally made it back, we went to the beach, the water was wonderful and warm. When I got out I sunbathed for a bit.  Whilst sunbathing a little Robin landed next to us and was bouncing about on our bags. 

We bought a cold drink from the pub and drank them before getting in the car to head home.  Mum put on a podcast called Purple Rocket Podcast on for us to listen to in the car.  WE bought caramel and chocolate ice creams from the coop on the way back.

We got home chilled out, had dinner and went to bed.