27/05 Victoria Sponge

Strawberry Victoria Sponge

I saw this cake in my sisters Jacqueline Wilson annual and I really wanted to bake it cause it looked delicious.  Dad went to the shops but bought strawberries instead of raspberries, so we made our own version of it.  We also used cream instead of icing.

Sponge Cakes

4 large eggs

225g castor sugar

225g self-raising flour

2 level teaspoons baking powder

225g softened butter

  • Preheat oven to 180deg C
  • Line and grease 2 20cm sponge tins
  • Crack eggs into a large mixing bowl, beat and then
  • add all the ingredients in the order above, sifting the flour and bp
  • beat the ingredients until all mixed in
  • divide the mixture evenly between the 2 tins
  • bake for 25mins (should be golden brown and coming away slightly from the sides on the tin)
  • Leave to cool in the tin for about 10minutes then turn onto wire cooling rack.
  • Leave to cool completely while you make your filling


Strawberry Jam

Whipping cream


Castor sugar

Icing Sugar

  • Add a teaspoon of castor and whip the cream until thick (stiff)
  • Spread Jam over cooled cake
  • Spread the whipped cream over the jam carefully.
  • Add washed and sliced strawberries on top of the cream.
  • Sieve a teaspoon of icing sugar over strawberries.
  • Carefully place the other half of the cake on top.
  • Sieve some icing sugar on top.