All about the food

Food is an important part of any camping trip…

A happy belly equals a happy camper, its keeps you warm, it helps a good night sleep and it lines the belly for the usual evening of liquid consumption.  The trick is to ensure you have packed enough to satisfy pre-bed, post beer cravings but not so much that you end up having overspent and having to throw food away.  Unless you have a huge car and a large budget prudent packing is required.

I wouldn’t say we have the food aspect of camping dialed, owing mainly to the fact that we have a 3 and 5 year old that change their likes and dislikes as often as their underwear (which any parent of a 3 year old boy knows is frequently).  Every camping trip involves trying something new and as far as I recall no one has ever gone to bed hungry.

We plan to share some great new and old campfire recipes and will probably throw in a few for cooking on gas as unfortunately the English weather doesn’t  always allow for campfires and neither do too many campsites unfortunately.

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