Petruth Paddocks

Petruth Paddocks

Pitching a tent in the rain is no fun for anyone and especially not our tent.  We have a Coleman Fucking Huge 6 man tent that is big enough to park a car in it (we did the first time we pitched it) there is no way it can be pitched by one person and requires a gazillion pegs..  Anyway pitching in the rain is what we did the weekend after our trip to Britchcombe Farm.  We were at Petruth Paddocks in Cheddar to celebrate one of our friends 40th birthdays.  Sods law it stopped raining soon after the last peg went in.

We had a corner of the field with the tipi in it for our group; the ground was flat, grassy and despite the rain easy to pitch on.  The bathroom facilities were of the porta-cabin variety they were clean and perfectly adequate.

Jules, Petruth Paddock’s owner was very friendly and happily chatted to my 3 year old who was very interested in the flower bed he was creating outside the toilet block.  Jules came around in the evening with his quad bike and trailer selling wood, firelighters and even marshmallows. He loaded the kids into the wood trailer and took them bouncing, screaming and laughing around the field to continue with deliveries.

There is plenty to keep you busy in cheddar hiking, climbing, exploring the caves, eating cheese, playing some crazy golf, visiting the coffee shops/tearooms and roaming the village.  We however left this to the rest of the group who taking our oldest disappeared for the afternoon whilst we cooked chilli for 19 in the potjie.  Before this sounds like we are complaining about cooking whilst the others explored , we aren’t.  We took it in playing on the old Land Rover in the next field with our youngest whilst the other kept the campfire burning, ensured the food cooked, read a book and had a glass of vino. Not much to complain about.

Lesson Learned:

Pitching our tent is a bitch – when we can afford it we WILL be getting a new one.


Boys doing the cooking

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